Veteran Owned Credit Repair Business

Veteran Owned Business

Who We Are

AIA Credit Repair is a Veteran-Owned Business (VBO). Our Founder and CEO, Michael Haddad, served on active duty in the Army for three years and five years in the Army Reserves. Michael Haddad continues to assist veterans from all branches of service in disability claims, discharge upgrades, wills, POA’s, and more. However, Michael focuses on helping individuals with their credit report issues and takes joy in receiving phone calls from clients informing him that they have finally been approved for a credit card, car loan, or even a home loan.

AIA is a Veteran-Owned Credit Repair Business dedicated to assisting people in fixing their credit and witnessing transformative changes in their lives. AIA aims to help veterans increase their credit scores. Michael Haddad understands the challenges of managing credit while serving in the Armed Forces, where it may not always be a top priority. Don’t let it hold you back – AIA Credit Repair is here to help you!

Military Discount

We proudly offer a 25% Military Discount on all AIA Credit Repair services and items for sale. We wish we could offer more.